For many people when they think about having a building designed they imagine an architect or designer drawing by hand a set of blueprints for the construction of the building.

Technology has moved on considerably since the days of the drawing board.

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Computer Aided Design, or CAD has been around since the first computers we’re used in the 1970’s. Initially it was a way to reproduce and ultimately replace manual draughting by hand.

The benefits of CAD soon began to become apparent (increased accuracy of designs, greater visualisation, 3D drawings etc).

Today Designers, Architects and Engineers face many challenges. With structures, designs and workflows becoming more developed and complex. Client’s are demanding greater value for money and environmental efficiencies.

Well considered and expert CAD design can make a significant difference to the successful delivery of your construction project.

The benefits of using CAD design for your business include:

  • Developing higher quality & more accurate designs.
  • Visualising the end product.
  • Exploration of design options for cost efficiency and usability.
  • Gaining greater end design visibility earlier in the process.
  • Making more informed design decisions.
  • Creating more energy efficient buildings.
  • Helping to resolve conflicts before construction starts.
  • Determining the cost of labour and materials required.
  • Evaluating the cost of design alternatives.
  • Maintaining more accurate budgets.

The Drawing Board offers the Client and all project stakeholders a unique insight into the design of the building or structure, giving them the ability to test out the stress factors and tolerances of a building before the build begins, saving time, money and anticipating potentially troublesome problems arising before it’s too late.

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