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2D CAD Conversion is a term for copying existing drawings that you may have (currently on paper, tracing paper, film, blueprints or in a number of digital formats) into 2D CAD Drawings which will improve the presentation and will enable you to make changes.

Many businesses have old paper plans of their premises and may wish to convert them into electronic formats. This has the advantage of being able to re-plan the premises and layouts as the business grows. These then can be updated on continual basis if needed.

Note: The accuracy of your conversion may be limited by the legibility of the paper drawing or scanned images you supply.

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Our 2D CAD Conversion service is superior both in quality and price. We manually re-draw your drawings from a range of original formats including paper, tracing paper, velos, film, blueprints or in any digital format.

Here at The Drawing Board we don’t use automatic 2D CAD conversion software, as this doesn’t give a CAD perfect drawing (there’s usually significant editing work to be completed afterwards).

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